The Carballiño City Council, through its tourism arena, has hired a billboard at the Avenida de América Station in Madrid. The action is part of the tourism revitalization plan that the local government is carrying out and which, in the words of the Councilor for Tourism, José Manuel Dacal, “establishes a series of actions to take advantage of the opportunity that arose after the arrival of the Ave to Ourense”. From the municipal government they affirm that Carballiño is one of the towns in Galicia that attracts more tourists and that it has numerous environmental, architectural and gastronomic resources. In addition, they are also finalizing the summer program that they intend to give continuity, after the covid restrictions, to the activities that were successful in recent summers and were a true economic engine for the various sectors of the town.

The campaign that is launched with this action is carried out through an advertisement on a billboard at the Avenida de América Station, which is already installed, in the heart of the Spanish capital. An infrastructure that is a transport interchange in Madrid, which has a metro line and urban, intercity and long-distance buses. Pola itself, more than six million travelers pass each month, so the city council expects to have a significant impact with this campaign, in which the octopus festival is the main protagonist and in which reference is also made to the temple of la Veracruz, to the spas of the town and to the ethnographic park of O Carballiño.