“For innovation to the tradition of octopus in O Carballino”

2020-01-09T18:22:40+01:00August 5th, 2014|ACTIVITIES, OCTOPUS PARTY|

"For innovation to the tradition of octopus in O Carballino," so reads the embedded plate in a figure of a pulpiera with the concello of O Carballino has honored the company Refrigerators Arcos, thus following the conclusion of tributes to all who brought new values ​​to the Festa do Pulpo and O Carballiño in [...]

Mario, from Master Chef Junior, will prepare octopus at O ​​Carballiño

2020-01-09T18:31:17+01:00August 2nd, 2014|ACTIVITIES|

The gastronomic Days of the Festa do Pulpo of O Carballiño will bring back to the town of Arenteiro the most prominent concineros of the current Galician panorama, and this year they will have as a major attraction the winner of the Master Chef Junior television contest, Mario, who will hold a kitchen display [...]

Special gifts for the first registered in the III Andaina of the Festa do Pulpo

2020-01-09T18:48:27+01:00July 31st, 2014|ACTIVITIES|

The organizers of the III Andaina da Festa do Pulpo have wanted to reward the first enrolled in it, so, the first 125 registered, in the 5v established registration points (Ucha sports, Hoby Sport, Korpore gym, Masdeporte and Futboleros ) will be entertained with an official bracelet of the Festa do Pulpo. The organizers [...]

The 52 Festa do Pulpo do Carballiño will have more than 90 people to monitor the safety of the attendees

2020-01-09T19:03:14+01:00July 31st, 2014|ACTIVITIES|

The municipality of O Carballiño hosted on Wednesday the security meeting for the Festa do Pulpo, which will be held on August 10 in the Municipal Park of the town of Arenteiro. This meeting was chaired by the government subdelegate and the mayor of O Carballiño, accompanied by representatives of the Civil Guard, Local [...]

On its 30th Anniversary, the XOCIVIGA will honor the “CARBALLIÑO” Cinema Club

2020-01-09T19:46:24+01:00July 15th, 2014|ACTIVITIES|

The XOCIVIGA will make the fair recognition of the work of the Cinema "Carballiño" cinema, which has been continuously developing since 1969, the year of its creation, above all as responsible for the creation of the XOCIVIGA itself and as organizer of most of the 31 editions celebrated in these 30 years of existence. [...]

Marnotes pon de moda al pulpo Octavio

2020-01-09T20:01:26+01:00March 22nd, 2014|ACTIVITIES|

The mayor of O Carballiño does not miss the opportunity to claim the Octopus Festival and Octavio, the mascot of the celebration. The Octavian, who even appeared in the lighting of the past Christmas holidays, is now embroidered by Argimiro Marnotes on his shirt, while also promoting the party. See news La Voz de [...]