Presentation of the poster for the 60 Octopus Festival

2022-07-22T10:02:12+02:00July 22nd, 2022|OCTOPUS PARTY|

Representatives of the state, regional and provincial institutions, as well as the sponsoring entities and companies, together with the president of the association of pulpeiros and the designer of the poster, Ari Quintas, attended this event, which took place in the plenary hall from the town hall and ended in front of the sculpture [...]

Precisely, tomorrow, Thursday, the official presentation of the poster and the sixtieth edition of the festival will take place in the town hall, which will be held for the first time with this international tourist range.

2022-07-22T10:19:34+02:00July 20th, 2022|OCTOPUS PARTY|

The Official State Gazette published today the resolution of the Secretary of State for Tourism, a body dependent on the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, of July 4, by which the title of Festival of International Tourist Interest is granted to the Festival of the Octopus of O Carballiño. Precisely, tomorrow, Thursday, the [...]

?O Carballiño is promoted in Madrid.

2022-06-20T09:13:24+02:00May 27th, 2022|OCTOPUS PARTY|

The Carballiño City Council, through its tourism arena, has hired a billboard at the Avenida de América Station in Madrid. The action is part of the tourism revitalization plan that the local government is carrying out and which, in the words of the Councilor for Tourism, José Manuel Dacal, "establishes a series of actions [...]

Presentation of the poster for the Octopus Festival 2021

2022-06-20T08:42:46+02:00August 4th, 2021|OCTOPUS PARTY, PRESENTATIONS|

The mayor, councilors and sponsors today attended the presentation of the poster for the 59th Octopus Festival. The catering establishments that have open reservations for lunch on Sunday were also announced: Magnificent poster by Ari Quintas for the 59th Octopus Festival, dedicated to commerce and hospitality. An edition that, due to the pandemic, will [...]

ONCE issues a coupon dedicated to the O Carballiño Octopus Festival.

2022-06-20T08:32:02+02:00July 29th, 2021|OCTOPUS PARTY|

?ONCE issues a coupon dedicated to the O Carballiño Octopus Festival. Specifically, it corresponds to the August 5th. ? 5,500,000 copies were published throughout Spain, and today it was officially presented in the plenary hall of the town hall. ?The coupon reproduces the image of an octopus dish, whose photograph was taken by Manuel [...]

Photography contest “The best octopus is never missing in O Carballiño”

2020-08-07T10:18:02+02:00August 3rd, 2020|ACTIVITIES, OCTOPUS PARTY|

Participate with photographs of the octopus in O Carballiño, the Gastronomic Days, other years in the "Festa do Pulpo"... ✅ To participate follow these steps: ▶ ️ Sign up using the form. ? Upload the photo you are participating with. ➡️ Share your photo with friends. ?️ Upload your photos until Sunday 09-08-2020 and [...]

Video tribute to the octopus production process and to the “pulpeiras” and “pulpeiros”

2020-08-03T16:54:05+02:00August 2nd, 2020|ACTIVITIES, OCTOPUS PARTY|

Video tribute to the octopus production process and to the "pulpeiras" and "pulpeiros" that turned this delicacy into a symbol of O Carballiño recognized throughout the world. Share and above all remember that although this year we cannot celebrate the "Festa do Pulpo" ... the best octopus is never lacking in O Carballiño.

Octopus Gastronomic Days

2020-07-30T17:11:20+02:00July 30th, 2020|ACTS, EVENTS, OCTOPUS PARTY|

Thirty-nine hotels will take part in the Octopus Gastronomic Days, which will be held from 3 to 9 August. The Octopus Gastronomic Days, to be held from 3 to 9 August, will have the participation of thirty-nine hotels, of which twenty-four will offer octopus throughout the week, and fifteen more will do so on [...]

The municipality of O Carballiño changes the celebration of the “Festa do Pulpo” for a gastronomic week in the town between 3 and 9 August,

2020-07-08T10:56:46+02:00July 8th, 2020|OCTOPUS PARTY|

The council changes the celebration of the "Festa do Pulpo" (Octopus Festival) for a gastronomic week in the village between 3 and 9 August, with the octopus at the fair as the protagonist. There will be no activity in the municipal park, nor acts that involve overcrowding. The "Festa do Pulpo" of 2020 will [...]