Pulpeiriña do Arenteiro

Hymm of the fiesta del pulpo de Carballiño

Portada CD Canción da Festa do Pulpo

The CD of the Pulpeiriña do Arenteiro, of which the municipality of O Carballiño published 1,000 copies, was distributed as a gift from the mayor’s office, and contains a total of 16 traditional songs recorded by the Royal Band of Bagpipes of Ourense, along with the cantiga Pulpeiriña del Arenteiro, which opens the CD.

The author of the song of the cantiga is, the Carballiñés historian Felipe Senén; the author of the music, the director of the Real Band of Bagpipes of the Delegation of Ourense, Xosé Luis Foxo.

This melody is part of a promotional CD, which includes the highlights of the Royal Band of Bagpipes of the Diputación. Some of them have the participation of Cristina Pato, María do Ceo, Coral de Ruada, the Real Coro Toxos e Flores de Ferrol and Belgian groups.

Letra Canción da Festa do Pulpo