Presentation of the poster of the LVII FESTA DO PULPO

?It was designed by Ari Quintas and represents the symbiosis of the municipal park with the pulpeira tradition and that of the cider pouring in homage to Asturias, to whom this edition of the party is dedicated.

The poster of the LVII Octopus Festival of O Carballiño is already on the street. From today, 2,000 posters will begin to be distributed by Carballiño, Galicia and Galician centers around the world. This is the beginning of the Octopus Festival cycle that will culminate on Sunday, August 11.

The poster, which is the work of the Carballian designer Ari Quintas, was presented
This morning at the town hall by the mayor, Francisco Fumega, and the Councilor for Tourism, Manuel Dacal, who vacated his absence due to work.

Francisco Fumega said that it is a very beautiful poster that represents the
perfection to symbiosis of the municipal park with the pulpeira tradition and that of the
cider spacing, in a clear tribute to Asturias, to whom this year is dedicated
Party. That is why he thanked his commitment to Carballiño and his good
do as a designer to carry the name of the Octopus Festival around the world.

Manuel Dacal shared this thanks and referred to the presentation of the party next Monday in Gijón, with the assistance of the first municipal and regional authorities, as well as figures and media of Asturias. He also said that the official presentation of the party was going to be held next week along with the sponsors and municipal corporation.

The designer Ari Quintas was also the author of the poster of the last edition of the party, which had an extraordinary success, and that is why she was commissioned for this year, which is expected to be as well received as the previous one.