The poster of the 56 Fiesta del Pulpo pays homage to tango on the occasion of the dedication of this edition to the O Carballiño Center in Buenos Aires, which this year celebrates the centenary of its creation.

The poster is the work of the Carballian graphic designer Ari Quintas Núñez, and was presented this morning at an event attended by the mayor, Francisco Fumega, the Councilors for Tourism and Culture, Manuel Dacal and Diego Fernández, respectively, the spokesman for the group PP municipal council, Argimiro Marnotes, and the BNG councilor, Sofía García, as well as the author, Ari Quintas.

An oil tanker, scissors, two slices and a tail, forming a tango pair on an octopus wooden plate, along with the paprika, are the central element of the poster, which has great plasticity and is very significant of this 56 edition .

“I wanted to make a symbiose of a tango couple with the devices of the pulpeiras and pulpeiros,” said designer Ari Quintas, who was very honored to have the opportunity to prepare the poster for this year’s Octopus Party .

The mayor, Francisco Fumega, referred to the recognition of the Carballinese emigrants in Buenos Aires, saying that “this year’s party is dedicated to the O Carballiño Center in Buenos Aires on the occasion of the celebration of its centenary, and therefore the poster designed by Ari Quintas Núñez, symbolizes in an obvious way to symbiosis of the octopus with the tango, which is a very significant element of Buenos Aires ”.

“It is an original idea that Ari Quintas shaped in a very plastic way, and that I am sure she will like very much at the O Carballiño Center in Buenos Aires. But what is more important, I think you will also like it here, since it is about promoting our most unique and popular party, and I take care that this poster will be very well received in all the places through which it is distributed, and will be a magnificent poster to spread the Octopus Festival this year, ”added the mayor.

For this, he congratulated the author of the poster and thanked him for his collaboration.

Ari Quintas Núñez, currently residing in A Coruña, has made various posters for the Pepa Loba and Xociviga Fair, as well as for other cultural and festive events of O Carballiño. In this sense, the mayor highlighted the Carballiñesismo fund of the author, closely linked to the neighborhood of Flores, the town’s cerne.

The poster will begin to be distributed from the middle of this June.