The 56 Octopus Festival will try to repeat the milestone of octopus influx and consumption last year, despite the fact that in this edition of 2018, the town hall marks the challenge of improving the quality of services, since it is not very easy that the latest figures of about 100,000 people and about 70,000 kg of dust are exceeded. This was said by the mayor, Francisco Fumega, during the presentation of the party, which took place this morning in the plenary hall of the town hall with the assistance of the Xunta territory delegate, Mª Sol Díaz; the vice president of the Diputación, Rosendo Fernández; the manager of the Inorde, José Manuel Rodríguez; the area director of Abanca, Carlos Díez; the councilors of Culture and Tourism, Diego Fernández and José Manuel Dacal, respectively, as well as the spokesmen, councilors and councilors of the corporation, and representatives of the entities sponsoring the party:. Gadis, April Oils, Estrella de Galicia, Pazo Tizón, Apersa, Aku Natura, Hotel Arenteiro and Cer & Ber, and Dinner Bread.

Fumega referred to the dedication of this edition of the party to the Center of O Carballiño in Buenos Aires as a gesture of gratitude to the migrants of the Carballinesa region in the capital of Argentina, and thanked the collaboration of the institutions, such as the Directorate of Tourism of the Xunta de Galicia, the Provincial Council of Ourense and the Inorde, as well as of Abanca and the other sponsors, of which he said that without his help it would not be possible to offer a program as ambitious as what is presented.

Marisol Díaz said that the Xunta de Galicia believes in Galician festivities as a way to bring natural, cultural and gastronomic resources closer to tourism, and that is why it is part of its strategy to promote enograstronomic events such as the Octopus Festival O Carballiño. He highlighted the tradition of artisan crafts of pulperías and polbeiros as a benchmark of Galician cuisine and the Octopus Festival, and opted for quality tourism.

“O Carballiño knew how to take the essence of the sea inside, and that’s why the best octopus in the world is made by the pulpeiras and pulpeiros of O Carballiño,” said Deputy Vice President Rosendo Fernández, who referred to the Octopus Festival as “The biggest popular gastronomic event in Galicia “. He also highlighted the joint and collaborative work of the institutions with this celebration.

Carlos Díaz thanked the opportunity as a financial entity that was offered to collaborate with the O Carballiño Octopus Festival, and emphasized the dedication to the O Carballiño Center in Buenos Aires, as a recognition of Galician emigrants in the diaspora.

Finally, Diego Fernández and José Manuel Dacal broke down a part of the cultural and festive program prepared for the first half of August, which consists of more than twenty activities and thirty groups of animation, music, folklore and other events.

The 56 Octopus Festival will be held on Sunday, August 12, but on Tuesday, August 8, the LARGEST COVER OF THE OCTOPUS MULTO will also be held, whose challenge in this edition will be to reduce the time to cut the octopus by 10 minutes . to fill the giant plate, according to Manuel Dacal.