Carballiño recovers the tradition of great concerts, and this time to celebrate Octopus week. Celtas Cortos will perform in the main square on Wednesday, August 5, 11 p.m., right on the equator of the great week of the Octopus Festival that will begin this Wednesday, July 29, with activities for the little ones. Francisco Fumega presented the programming of this edition of the Octopus Festival, thanking all those who collaborated to “bring this program to fruition, intended for all audiences and, above all, and attract many visitors to our villa during these 15 days “As far as programming is concerned, since Wednesday, July 29, every evening in the main square there will be activities for children. On July 30, from 7:00 p.m., it buzzes in the municipal piscines taught by the Sonante Fitnes gym. On Friday, July 31, the activities for the children continue, and at 8:30 p.m. the Valga music band will perform in the Plaza Mayor, more than a hundred musicians play the first note of these parties. That same says it, 22:00, on the islet of the poets will take place the presentation of the Xociviga 2015, which screening of the film A Esmorga. The day of Friday closed that the inauguration of the street lighting of Carballiñesas streets.On Saturday, August 1, sport and music, football match in Espiñedo between Arenteiro and Barbadás, at 20:00 hours, at 20:30 XXII Festival of Habaneras in the auditorium of the villa and the 23:00 DJ Guilly de Melo, in the Plaza Mayor.Otra of the classic appointments of the week of the Octopus Festival, the popular walk, will take place on Sunday August 2, arriving with This is its IV edition. That same day, the 23:00 performance of folk music, Fiesta Atrevida and Pasarrúas “Acibeira”, in the Plaza Mayor. On Monday, August 3, the 3 X 3 soccer championships start at the Alameda, and popular games activities in the Emilia Pardo Bazán square. 12:00 arrives another of the classic quotes of the Octopus, the Tribute to a character or group that had had a relationship that Fiesta throughout these 53 years. The afternoon O DJ Tibu organizes the Octavio 2015 children’s party, in the Plaza Mayor, and 23:00, in the same place, Skalingrado concert.

On Tuesday, August 4 O Carballiño will be, once again, the center of attention of the whole world, that elaboration of the giant octopus lid, which this year will be carried out on a wooden plate of 5.13 meters. It will be 8:00 p.m. in the Plaza Mayor. And on Wednesday, when Ecuador arrives from these Carballiñesas parties, the foreteast will be the performance of Celtas Cortos in the Plaza Mayor, and before, activities for children in the Spa, DJ and Touro Mecánico in the Plaza de Juan Pajariño, the Arenteiro and Bande party in Espiñedo, and a circus show on Main Street. On Thursday, August 6, the party continues with the Maxic Octopuses in the Four Roads, activities for children, and the Craft fair opening in the square of Emila Pardo Bazán, 18:00 hours. An hour later, 19:00 foam party in the main square with a DJ to cheer up the little ones. The pisiciñas host a new day of Zumba, and at 20:00 hours the Gastronomic Days of the Octopus, with Guillermo González, runner-up in Europe in catering and bar services, in the Plaza de las Gallinas. From 20:00 will begin the first cycle of Sofa Music, in the Constitution Square, Apriscos Enriquez and Plaza Mayor, which will end at 2:00.

Entering the Octopus weekend on Friday to highlight the raffle of the open commercial ocengtro of its Verán campaign, in the Plaza de la Veracruz, at 6:00 pm, and a new Gastronomic Day with chef Flavio Morganti. 20:30 in the Plaza de la Veracruz and main street exhibition of the clube of patinaex AEHDE, and 23:00 am Fun will offer his street show “Pachamama” in the Paraza Maior. That night, from 00:30, the First Line orchestra will offer the concert in the Plaza Mayor. On August 8, O Carballiño will be another year the Galician capital of fun and youth, with the Octopus t-shirt contest. Last year there were more than 1000 young people who participated in this party, which will begin at 6:00 p.m. and end until the body endures, encouraging the party to Batukada Situme. That same day, 00:00, fireworks from the Plaza de la Veracruz. Sunday will be the big day of the Fiesta, which would take place in the Municipal Park. Parade of folk festival groups from 10:30, reception of authorities at 13:00 and lunch at 14:30. The day will be finished with the concert of the Orchestra of the End of the Century in the Plaza Mayor at 7:00 p.m. But the party continues on Monday, with the day of the small octopus, with children’s attractions at half price. On Tuesday, international folklore days at the Plaza de la Veracruz, and on Wednesday will end by giving the witness the other great meeting of the Carballiñés summer, the Xociviga 2015.