This Tuesday the mayor of Carballiño, Francisco Fumega, inaugurated the course of thermalism and biology, which once again organizes the University of Vigo in Orcellón lands. The course, which features the participation of students from the Galician universities, was presented by its director, Avelino Muleiro, accompanied by Luis Rodríguez and Louredes Mourelle. For his band Francisco Fumega stressed the importance of taking the spa to university, to encourage students to be interested in this science that has a world reference in Galicia, and in Carballiño its origin. The mayor of Carballiñés did not forget to remember the qualities of the local waters and of the bond that O Carballiño had, since always, that water, already forum of his mineromediciñais manatiais or of its rivers from where a good part of the local economy departed for many decades

The course will be held at Carballiño until July 31, and students will be able to discover all the applications of thermal baths, with practices in leading thermal centers in Galicia such as A Toxa, or the Atlantic Thalasso.

This course will be closed on July 31, 12:30 pm, by the Secretary General of Tourism Nava Castro, who will offer a conference on tourism and hot springs, and then deliver the accrediting dilpomas to the participating students.