This Saturday will be one of the most important events of the Festa do Pulpo, the Octopus T-shirts contest. The organizers forecast that more than 100 clubs will participate in this contest, each with a different design of t-shirts, always with allusions to the Festa. This means that there will be more than 2000 people who will concentrate on the Plaza Mayor, and that they will walk the streets of the center, accompanied by a batucada, animated the longest night of the Carballiñés summer. Night that, in many cases, usually ends the next day already in the municipal park where the 53rd edition of Festa do Pulpo will be held.

That Sunday, it is estimated that O Carballiño will receive more than 90,000 visitors, who will be called by the boilers of the pulcos of Arcos that from 10:00 hours will already be preparing the famous Octopus to Feira. For that day, only 24 pulpeiras will be installed in the Municipal Park, in addition to 11 taverns and 6 minibars.

There are plenty of tickets for sale, the organizers pointed out that there are very few left, so they encourage those who have not yet acquired them to go to the town hall to buy them and be able to enjoy the menu of the official venue.