About 80,000 people enjoyed the best octopus at the fair, prepared by the expert hands of the pulpeiros and pulpeiras of Arcos, in celebration of the 53rd Octopus Festival. From the first hour the municipal park hosted the floods of people who, either in restaurants and bars, or simply with a towel on the ground, were preparing to enjoy what is considered the best gastronomic pilgrimage in Galicia.

More than 30,000 kilos of octopus were cooked, minced and spiced, in the same municipal park, for the 24 pulpeiras installed in the park, not counting the 1000 kilos that were served in the official enclosure to the 1,500 people who chose this option.

The day went as expected when a town of 14,000 inhabitants increases its population to about 80,000. The infrastructures of the party, as well as the surveillance and emergency services, worked perfectly during the entire jornda, which lasted until after 8:00 p.m., thanks to the weather bonanza that accompanied throughout the day.

People from all over Galicia, bordering provinces like Zamora or Asturias, from northern Portugal, joined what they came from as different places as Zaragoza, Madrid, Jaen or Malaga, and a couple of Japanese who enjoyed octopus in a different way which they usually take in their country.
The party also had its official part, with the presence of the Carballinesa corporation, the city councilors of A Coruña, the city to which this edition was dedicated, as well as the territorial representative of the Xunta, provincial deputies and the head of tourism of the Xunta de Galicia, Lodazal Castro, who formed the official delegation of this 53 edition.