O Mercado da Plaza de Lugo, in A Coruña, hosted on Wednesday the presentation of the Festa do Pulpo de O Carballiño, dedicated in this 53 edition to the Herculean city. The mayor of Coruña Xulio Ferreiro received the Carballiñesa delegation, thanking the gesture of dedication of one of the most important gastronomic festivals in Galicia. Ferreiro recalled the union that exists between A Coruña and O Carballiño, founded in the neighbors of one and another population, he recalled during the presentation how he himself met O Carballiño when he was a child, accompanying his parents and grandparents to take the waters of the town from Arenteiro.

For his part, the mayor of Carballiñés showed his gratitude to the Coruña corporation there represented by his mayor and the mayor of Tourism Alberto Lema, for hosting this presentation, in a place as emblematic as the Plaza de Lugo, where the Plaza de Abastos is located “ and what better place than a market to present this party, a place where, as in the origin of O Carballiño, the neighbors gather for trade ”, these neighbors from A Coruña invited Francisco Fumega to come to the Festa do Pulpo, on the second Sunday of August, where “they will be received as always, with open arms and willing to share a ration of octopus to feira”.

After the speeches, it was time to try the star product, the octopus a feira, which this time was cooked by the Galician champion, the Carballiñés Francisco Gómez. Everyone present praised the taste of the octopus of O Carballliño, and assured that they will not miss this edition of the party.

Among the numerous neighbors of A Coruña who attended the appointment of the Festa do Pulpo were also neighbors of O Carballiño, who reside in A Coruña, and who also did not want to miss tasting a carballiñesa slice in the city of Herculina, among these O Carballiño neighbors were, how could it be otherwise Felipe Senén, pro-creator and creator of numerous posters of the Festa do Pulpo for several decades. Posters that adorned the aforementioned square of Coruña supplies ..

The Carballiñesa representation was formed in this presentation by the aforementioned mayor of the town, accompanied by the mayor of Tourism Manolo Dacal, the mayor of Benestar Marina Ortega, and the mayor of the opposition Argmiro Marnotes, Pilar Caride and Chema Ferreiro.