The Carballiñés artist Xesús Carballido was, for the second consecutive year, the author of the poster of the 53rd Octopus Festival, thus following the tradition of being a local artist in charge of this poster. The mayor, Francisco Fumega, together with the mayor of Tourism Manolo Dacal, the tourist promotion Adolfo Nogueira and the Culture Diego Fernández, presented the new Octopus poster, highlighting and thanking Carballido for his selfless contribution “just as the Carballiñeses did before Felipe López, and then his son Felipe Senén.
On this occasion Carballido using the Collage technique (a technique he has long been recognized for) created a poster that highlights the image of the octopus, the true protagonist of this internationally famous gastronomic pilgrimage. The collage technique is essentially based on the manipulation of various materials used as raw material such as old newspapers, magazines, colored paper packaging, photo fragments, having them, solid materials, accumulated paint, etc. This technique instead of imitating reality composes works with pieces of reality.
On the poster of the Octopus Festival 2015 Carballido was placing different layers of blue, symbolizing the sea from where the octopus comes, having in the center a glow of light with which the artist wanted to remember the special light of the Coruña, the The party is dedicated this year. That light reflected in its galleries and in the sea that surrounds it.
Finally the composition ends with the tail and the slice of octopus, the most significant of this party and for which O Carballiño and known in the five cardinal points.
On the figure of the woman, Carballido pointed out that it is the surreal element, which breaks with the previous reality, although “it is open to all kinds of interpretations, so that whoever observes it is also participating in the work giving it the meaning apart from the poster” .
This poster, of which 2000 units were made, is already distributed throughout the world, specifically by all Galician centers abroad, and from today it will be throughout Galicia and neighboring communities.