O Carballiño elaborates another year the octopus dish to the largest fair in the world, which this year 2015 will measure 5.13 meters in diameter. This act will be next Tuesday, August 4, starting at 8:00 p.m. in the main square, although from the morning of that same Tuesday the giant dish will already be exposed in the same Carballiñesa square.

The mayor and the mayor of Tourism said that this development is one of the most anticipated activities every year to arrive the week of Octopus. Last year it was chopped and filled the plate, with 400 kilos of octopus, in about 12 minutes. This year a chronometer will also be placed in the same main square, to calculate the time it takes to fill the new 5.13 meter dish, with more than 400 kilos of octopus.

At the end of the elaboration and granita of the cover, they will be distributed among the assistants, being predicted that more than 1200 portions are distributed. Also, if you read, they will deliver a chocolate candy, donated by the Royal pastry, dinner bread and a glass of wine from the Pazp Tizón winery. The price of the cover will be 4 euros.