The gastronomic Days of the Festa do Pulpo of O Carballiño will bring back to the town of Arenteiro the most prominent concineros of the current Galician panorama, and this year they will have as a major attraction the winner of the Master Chef Junior television contest, Mario, who will hold a kitchen display for the children of the villa, and will base its menu on the octopus.
In addition to Mario will be counted from the day of the start of this conference, on August 6, with names such as Rafa Centeno, Michelin star of the Maruja Limón restaurant, which will be accompanied by Pablo Vidal technical director of the Ribeiro regulatory council, for the tasting.
The next day, on August 7, the shift will be for the best Galician minister, recognized with the Cook of the Year award. Diego López, head chef of the restaurant La Molinera de Lalín, and will be accompanied for the tasting of Mercedes, president of Vitislucus, ambassador of the French Champagne, sherry and legitimate white.
Finally, on the 8th a vermouth session will be held, in charge of the main Orurense bloggers, and in the afternoon it will be Mario’s turn.
All workshops will be in the square of Emila Pardo Bazán, starting at 19:30, except for the vermouth session that will be at 13:30 and the appointment with Mario, which will be at 19:00.