The organizers of the III Andaina da Festa do Pulpo have wanted to reward the first enrolled in it, so, the first 125 registered, in the 5v established registration points (Ucha sports, Hoby Sport, Korpore gym, Masdeporte and Futboleros ) will be entertained with an official bracelet of the Festa do Pulpo.
The organizers remember that they can register until August 2 as a deadline, being the Andalusian on 3, Sunday, leaving at 9:00 am from the Great Spa and arriving at the same place, after a journey of 18 kilometers of medium difficulty.
The delivery of bibs, and the bracelets to the first 125 registered, will be from 8:00 on August 3 in the same Spa.
Participants will have, as a reward after the walk, a “relax feet” to cool off, as well as organized catering to regain strength, and the possibility of attending the broadcast of the live program of the Galician Radio “Come e fala”, It will be held from the same spa from 1:00 p.m. There will also be live animation and raffle gifts.