The council changes the celebration of the “Festa do Pulpo” (Octopus Festival) for a gastronomic week in the village between 3 and 9 August, with the octopus at the fair as the protagonist.

There will be no activity in the municipal park, nor acts that involve overcrowding.

The “Festa do Pulpo” of 2020 will not be celebrated as such, but will be changed by a gastronomic day in the village between 3 and 9 August, in which the prominence will continue to fall on the octopus in the style of the fair, which can be tasted in bars, inns and restaurants in the city center, which will offer a typical menu of the “Festa do Pulpo”, such as stewed meat and empanada, as well as other possible culinary offers from the local hospitality industry.

In fact, during that week, the council will authorize the installation of octopus stalls in the streets and squares of the town, in a manner similar to how it is done on fair days, and even allow some more location, in order to make it easier for people who wish to taste the octopus in the Carballiño can do it any day of that week, avoiding possible agglomerations.

In order to ensure the separation of security, as well as compliance with health regulations by covid 19, it is recommended to book a table in the hotel establishments of the village for any day of the week, especially on Friday, August 7, Saturday, August 8, and Sunday, August 9th.

Precisely, these last two days are the ones that there will be a greater number of “pulpeiros” and “pulpeiras” cooking in the street and squares of the town, as they showed it during the meeting that they held this past Monday with the councilors of Tourism and Culture, Manuel Dacal and Diego Fernández , respectively.

Yesterday afternoon another meeting was held with the hospitality sector to talk about the menu that will be offered during those days, as well as to ensure compliance with regulations on separation and prevention, and to promote table reservations.

During that week there will also be small-format cultural events, both for children and adults, with a capacity limited to 150 people, which will take place in the Plaza Mayor, around Veracruz and on the esplanade of the Municipal Park, with disinfected chairs and which will be met strictly the separation and sanitary prevention measures established for this type of acts, such as wearing a mask and washing your hands with a hydroalcoholic solution at the entrance. Despite being held outdoors, these enclosures will be bounded by fences.

Cinema, theater and music, with a preponderance of local groups, will keep the cultural activity alive in O Carballiño, but avoiding any kind of agglomeration.

In this sense, please note that the consumption of drinks will not be allowed outside the terraces or inside the hotel premises, and always keeping the separation and prevention measures established, being totally prohibited the installation of bars outside the premises or soundtracks , as used to be done on the eve of the Octopus F.estival

The Local Police will ensure compliance with this ban, as well as the organization of “bottles” for youth, which will not be allowed in any case.

As the 2020 “Festa do Pulpo” is not celebrated as such, none of the events scheduled in previous years will take place, such as the production of the giant octopus cover, or the T-Shirt Festival, among others.

With these measures, the council intends to support the hospitality and local trade, as well as the octopus sector, during the first week of August, but ensuring at all times strict compliance with the separation and prevention measures established.